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Friday, 5 June 2015

The Great Divide

Daily, I am made aware of the growing divide between those who think like Catholics, rational thinkers who pray and study the Faith, and the pagans with whom we live side-by-side

 Even our vocabularies vary to a degree which makes conversation almost impossible.

The false definitions (heresies) of the being and roles of men and women have clouded the minds of so many that real discussion on ssm seems impossible.

When groups lose the ability to discuss any issues rationally, culture, then civilization breaks down irremediably.  We can see this with regard to certain religions which cannot, simply cannot discuss the details of the faiths. We can see this with certain political groups, discussion regarding abortion has been shut down for years.

Now, some Catholics find themselves unable to discuss ssm with members of their families or, worse, even their pastors. Another area of non-discussion may be contraception. And, yet another, liturgical abuses.

One cannot discuss hell, heaven, or purgatory with some Catholics, even priests. And, one cannot discuss irregular marriages, fornication, modesty, and even the occult.

Real Catholics have been and are increasingly marginalized even in some parishes.

In the Soviet Union, certain ideas and religious ceremonies could not be discussed. One would be put in jail or sent to the Gulags if one spoke openly about God, Christianity, and so on.

This marginalization marks the beginning of the second to the last stage of persecution. The last stage is the criminalization of Christianity.