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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Web or Computer Troubles Delaying Post on Triumphalism

I shall have to blog later today...sorry, problems with  formatting. A brief snippet of a longer article to come...

I am truly surprised when I come across Catholics who I call, for the lack of a better name, "Triumphalists". 

These are people who honestly think the times to come soon will not involve persecution.Here are some points in which they believe, which do not line up with either Revelation or Church History.

1) God the Father will somehow protect the faithful priests and laity so that they will not have to suffer.

2) America and Europe will experience a great conversion and avoid just punishment from God.

3) Christians will come together in some mega-community and protect each other from harm.

4) Nothing "that" bad will happen in America--after all, this is America.

5) Martyrdom can be avoided. (How, this is not explained.)

6) Children do not have to be prepared for persecution or martyrdom and one needs to protect them from hearing about this. (Thus depriving children with the opportunity to become holy).

7) There is still time for people to repent of gross sins and join the Church, so one does not have to be overly zealous concerning conversions.

8) There are safe havens, safe countries. (Where? If you find one, let me know.)

9) The vast majority of Catholics will choose the right way concerning ssm, for example, and there will be no pressure in parishes. (Man....there already is!)

10) The Church will grow with immigration and African converts, thus spreading the Gospel back here in the West. (These ideas lack the facts of fast-changing immigration laws, and the continual killing of African Catholics.)

Triumphalists lack a historical perspective and rely too much on God's mercy, forgetting God's justice. 

Yes, Christ's Kingship will prevail, but I remind us all of two things. One, God uses persecution to purify us and make us into saints.Two, God uses persecution to being others to Christ, when these pagans see the nobility of martyrdom.

Triumphalists do not believe in the coming suffering as real justice.They forget the real reasons for persecution.