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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blog Change A Comin'

I am announcing a huge blog change which will be coming by the end of the month. I shall be changing a format and beginning a special forum for some very special people

Pray the change occurs in timely fashion.

I am still more than ever trying to raise money for a house of prayer. It was clear to me on the retreat that I should continue with this project.

Tomorrow and through the beginning of the week, I shall continue with the Carmelites, Jesuits and Benedictines in the Framing Prayer series. The blog will be changed for sure by mid-August.

I have notes from the retreat, but I have to finish getting the information from the last three talks, as I had to leave early.

Watch this space.  Bye the way, if there are any Catholic priest's wives who are reading this blog, and are interested in helping me with a project online, please contact me via the combox and send me your email, which I shall not publish.