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Sunday, 19 July 2015

God Makes New Doughnuts Every Day Mark Three

New things..,

One, I may have found a House of Prayer to rent, as I have not raised enough money on gofundme to buy. However, I still need more money for the rental. I shall share more about this if it becomes a reality. Please consider helping me rent this house in a perfect place for a contemplative lay house. More later. See side bar for link to gofundme.

Two, as you know, the blog will be morphing into something different by mid-August. Part of this morph is a forum, which someone is helping me set-up even as I write.

This forum will be for an extremely select group of women, wives of married priests.

I apologize to other readers who may feel "left-out", but I am responding to a ministerial need.

If you are a wife married to a  priest, Ordinariate or Pastoral Provision, I shall be inviting you to join the forum once it is established. This most likely will be established this week, I hope. Or in three weeks, at the latest. 

Start to spread the word on facebook, as I am not on facebook.

God makes new doughnuts everyday.