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Monday, 20 July 2015

Time to reread my series as I have a bisybackson day

02 Feb 2014
This series will be called "February 24, 303." This was the day which witnessed the largest and worst persecution of Catholics in Rome, called after Diocletian asked the Oracle of Apollo approval for such an empire-wide ruling ...
04 Feb 2014
In the last analysis, the Great Persecution of Diocletian was a huge failure. If as many as 20,000 Catholics were killed in the Roman Empire, in all the provinces, the spread of Catholicism outweighed the death of the martyrs.
03 Feb 2014
February 24, 303 VIII. Posted by Supertradmum. A reminder in this series that the Great Persecution occurred throughout the entire Roman Empire. Europe, the Middle Eastern provinces, Africa, including Egypt, all saw the ...

03 Feb 2014
Diocletian retired and left his empire's laws against the Catholics on the books. In fact, after he abdicated on May 1, 305, some of the provinces saw less persecution. However, in the eastern one, under Galerius and Maximian, ...
02 Feb 2014
Moving from the established fact that totalitarian states guard the status quo by eliminating threats, and that such resulting persecutions are legal. one can state that such times of terror are actually popular with the vast majority ...
02 Feb 2014
February 24, 303 II. Posted by Supertradmum. from Mosiacarum et Romanarum Legum Collatio 6.4, qtd. and tr. in Clarke, 649; Barnes,Constantine and Eusebius, 19–20. "the immortal gods themselves will favour and be at ...
03 Feb 2014
February 24, 303 VI. Posted by Supertradmum. With the ruins of the churches in Rome and in all the provinces, in the cities and in the countryside, with the destruction of the Scriptures and libraries of the cathedrals and ...