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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


A man I know who is holy saw a vision at Adoration yesterday. Now, as you all know my position on personal revelations, you may be surprised that I post this.

However, this strikes me as real, very real.

"I saw lots of people in the ocean, It was like a ship sank out at sea. Some people were hanging on to life vests and debris. Some people had nothing and were drowning, they were panicking. There was more debris to hang on to.  The people with something to hang on to had the gift of baptism. I heard a voice say that God wills everyone to be saved but people don't want to be saved. We need God's help to be saved. God does not damn."

Decide to become a saint, now.

Teach your children to be saints, now.

Evangelize, now. There are too many "nones".

Spread the Good News of Christ, now.

Baptismal graces grow with us if we keep the Commandments.