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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Being Flexible

One thing about following God, Who, remember, makes new doughnuts everyday, is that one must be flexible.

What one thinks may happen may change or morph into something else.

I never thought I would be doing spiritual direction and this is taking a great deal of my time now. It is an honor to be asked to help out with spiritual lives, and very humbling.

This started many, many months ago, ebbing and flowing according to people's needs. What is freely given is freely given, and, of course, I would never, never charge or ask for money for spiritual direction. No one should.

And, it is possible that the house of prayer/adoration may be rental for awhile, rather than buying, for several reasons. One is that I have not raised enough for buying, and will be setting something up soon I hope, and, two, baby steps seem to be the way now. Three, this is what may be opening up soon. God will put me where He wants to do so.

I may have one benefactor besides those generous people who have given already, but as the site and the setting for banking take a cut of the money, which is reasonable, I may shut down the gofundme and just go with talking to potential benefactors, so that I do not have to pay the middle man.

In the meantime, the little cell of prayer continues, as best I can do, and by the end of the month I shall be in a different state, with chapel, and things gathered for the house of adoration. I am learning to move quickly, as God ordains, and wait. This seems to be a pattern-almost like being in the army-moving quickly, then waiting, moving, waiting.

God Makes New Doughnuts Everyday!

I have had several priests encourage me in this endeavor of the house of adoration and prayer. For this moral support, I am grateful. In addition, several mature women of faith support me in prayer and encouragement as well. This is gratifying. I thank them, although some do not read this blog. Most wish it could happen here, but that door has not opened.

Being flexible is part of a missionary's life, and the life of an evangelizer. Having been on the front lines of spiritual warfare, I know that times of  "r and r" have become more and more rare. In fact, I personally need more quiet, and less giving of spiritual direction. But, that is fine for now, as God gives us all the strength we need to do His work. One can only give what one gets from the Bridegroom.

If God builds this house in the middle of a desert, I would be most happy! I need to go up into the mountains for a while.

But, I do not think He will allow me to do this for a bit.