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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Coming Out of A BisyBakson Day

I find it interesting that I am more creative in some physical places than others.

I have written tons of poetry in certain places of the world.

I have written plays, short stories, essays in certain places.

In other places, I have had writer's block.

Place is important to me for writing, and for praying, but one learns to pray anywhere after a while....

at bus stops, in airports, in grocery stores......

But creative thinking needs a certain type of rest. And, when one is having many busy days, creativity shrinks back into the corner of one's mind and soul, hiding until it is safe to come out again.

One cannot force creative thinking. One has to wait for it to come forward, and if one tries to force creativity, it hides even more.

I did some painting earlier this summer and I did two good paintings quickly. But, I struggled with the third one, which was actually the first one I had started. It was on a large canvas and I was using acrylics.

Finally, after one month, this painting "came together". One has to learn to wait, to let things go in the process, not to push, pressure, or rush.

Same with writing poetry or short stories.

One of my friends asked me for a new short story. As my readers know, although I have several on line, I think seven, I have not written one for a long time.

I cannot

I shall have to wait.

Waiting is a sign of maturity. One learns to work with one's own psyche.

Today, while helping my mother pick grapes--there are several vines on the homestead--I saw a small, green treefrog. It was dead, but looked alive. I realized it had died in the cold night, as autumn is coming upon us quickly here.

The small animal was so vulnerable to its place. It had to live in a certain temperature, a certain terrain, on a certain leaf, or in a tree.

Humans are much more adaptable than small tree frogs. I was upset that this one had died so soon in the season, as it is still August. But, the tree frog croaking has stopped already in the trees. We are in a for a severe winter.

Place and environment form us and keep us in a way which is almost mystical. God created that little, rather beautiful frog for a specific season, a particular place.

We are all like this, made to be in the place where God wants us to be, in His Will.

I pray daily "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven."