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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Meaning of the Transfiguration

The real meaning of the Transfiguration sometimes is missed. Some Catholics think that Christ entered into His Glory for a brief moment.

No. Christ was never separated from His Father, and the Holy Ghost. He was always one with the and in the Trinity. What the three special apostles saw was Christ "unmasked".

The situation of Christ's humanity and divinity was not that He flipped back and forth, a heresy made up for a class on heresies by a certain smartie sem, but that He was truly God and truly Man.

Christ, in order to prepare the apostles for the deep meaning of the Passion, showed Himself as He truly is.

They missed the point, obviously, as Peter went on to deny Him.

Christ, the Second Son of the Blessed Trinity, reveals Himself to us daily in the Eucharist, but again, as the Hidden God.

With the Indwelling of the Trinity, Christ reveals Himself, with the Trinity, to those who seek Him. The Transfiguration reminds us of that Indwelling, the Trinity in and with those in sanctifying grace.

More later..