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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Very Interesting

I read several Jewish newspapers or websites and recently have noticed that even some of the more orthodox authors have referred to the End Times. A feeling that their Messiah is coming soon seems to be growing in some quarters.

This "feeling" or sense has to do with reading the signs of the times. Of course, Catholics know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Promised One. Some Catholics also believe that time is short for the Second Coming.

I do not believe the time is short, but that the tribulation will last longer than most people think. I have always believed that it is the Millennials which will see the great age of the martyrs, and have shared this since that group has been in high school.

But, to know that our brothers and sisters of the Old Testament may be sensing something makes me reflect that at the end, the Jewish People will look on Christ and convert.

The more orthodox Jews believe in the personal Messiah, but many of the liberal ones only believe in a Messianic Age of progress and peace. That is a dangerous idea, of course, as only the AntiChrist will bring peace without Christ.

There is no real age of unity or peace unless that peace comes from coherence to the Gospel, to Christ Himself.

Pray for our brothers and sisters of the past Old Covenant. Perhaps some of them are being led to get ready for the Second Coming, although they believe it will be a first coming.