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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Where Is The English Catholic Press?

N.I.C.E. in Great Britain, which determines medications and hospital procedures in the National Health, has stated that holding back water from patients does not hasten death. What a lie!

National Institute of Clinical Excellence, or N.I.C.E. basically approves back-door euthanasia, which is open in some places in Great Britain anyway.

I know of one person who was euthanized way back in 1994, over the objections of myself and some people who were against this procedure.

In 2013, the Catholic Herald wrote about on aspect of this problem. Here is one example.

Why the silence now? I can find no article against this which is creative and authoritative, that is, from the Church.

Why? Why no comment from the Cardinal in London, or any of the bishops?

If any English readers have read anything, please let me know.

I, for sure, cannot find anything. A "conspiracy of silence"?