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Monday, 6 February 2012

Maybe some Arian Bishops were just being "politically correct" and lost their souls in the bargain

St. Nicholas striking Arius at the Council

Look at the fantastic, but chilling article from another blog by a Mr. Badeaux, sent to me by an electronic friend, on whether some of the bishops should be excommunicated. I said before here that this time in America is like the time of Arianism, which split the Church, and when some bishops, as well as laity and rulers, professed that heresy. Here is the link, and we need to stop being nice!!! By the way, remember, as told us in A Man for All Seasons by Thomas More, silence is complicity. Silence is consent. If a bishop does not come out against either this present administration's attack on religious freedom or excommunicates pro-choice Catholic politicians in his diocese, he is responsible for those crimes by consent.

To make it all more real, do we want politically correct bishops, or this? This is a first trimester murdered baby. And, Google removes photos like this all the time, as does YouTube. Why?