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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nuns or Nones

6 Dominicans
18 Benedictines, Mary Queen of Apostles

42 Sisters of Life

Can you tell me why the more traditional orders are getting vocations and the other orders are not?

3 Franciscans
35 or so Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Dominicans

32 Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate 


Anita Moore said...

Well, now! I have to stand up for the Dominicans. It's true, we have had our share of nutjobs, some of whom are worth many nutjobs of other orders combined (e.g., Matthew Fox, Edouard Sillybeaks, the Dominican sister who escorted women into abortion mills, I forget her name). I also can't deny that many in the order have gone off the rails, including some religious congregations. HOWEVER: I must put in a good word for the traditional Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, bursting at the seams with vocations.

And then, of course, there is my own lay Dominican chapter, an irresistible mix of orthodoxy and two-fisted cool.

Supertradmum said...

Anita, apologies for omitting one of the best Dominican orders out there. I have rectified the omission by adding a photo of the novices. I met two years ago,including Mother. Great sisters.

Anita Moore said...

I love it, Supertradmum! Thank you for adding this Dominican congregation. I wish they would begin a foundation in my diocese!

New Sister said...

These sisters seem to be the total package - full habits, including linen on the face; *active* apostolate (charism as teachers); embracing *both* forms of the liturgy. The only other traditional, active order I've known of are the Slaves in MA, and they are strictly Traditional - never novus ordo. I think an active order as these, embracing both liturgies, is unique in our country. God bless Abp Vasa who brought them home. (they had been schismatic)

Anita: I do love the active teaching Dominicans in TN and MI, but am given to understand that they are strictly novus ordo... and their counterparts in France are strictly Trad (and have beautiful, full habits by the way). I think a balance of the two is needed right now, to be a bridge. It is also what our Holy Father calls us to for now, that the two liturgies mutually enrich each other.

Anita Moore said...

New Sister, I hope that the Dominican Rite makes a comeback with the sisters as it is beginning to do with the younger generations of friars. I am pleased to report that the friar whom our prior provincial has recently assigned to be my lay chapter's religious assistant is a fan of the Dominican Rite. He graciously celebrated Low Mass for us in the Dominican Rite during his last visit (albeit in the most primitive of conditions).