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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rosary Beads in the Sand-Box of the Irish Government

The Independent report on the argument in the Irish government on the re-opening of the Vatican embassy show the ridiculous lies of those who supposedly shut it down for financial reasons. Here is a snippet, but read the whole thing.

Mr Gilmore's rejection of the demands from within Fine Gael puts him at odds with reported commitments from Taoiseach Enda Kenny to review the embassy closure. Junior FG ministerLucinda Creighton yesterday said the embassy could be re-opened within two years.
Discontent about the Vatican embassy closure led to a series of dramatic, and sometimes farcical, clashes at a Fine Gael parliamentary party meeting last week. During the meeting, over half the TDs called for the re-opening of the embassy.
One of the most surreal moments saw TD Peter Mathews brandish a set of rosary beads at the "secularist members of the party". The meeting became so heated that senior ministers Michael Noona and James Reilly had to intervene to calm the mood.
Mr Noonan stressed "Enda's credentials as a sound Catholic" and at one point claimed that "he is a better Catholic than myself".


Shane said...

While I would oppose a decision to re-open the embassy, it is worrying that the Labour Party seems to have an effective veto on the decision. I assume that they want to play the anti-clerical card because in the current economic climate it is impossible to pander to their trade-unionist/socialist base. Other interests can be assauged...

Supertradmum said...

Thoughtful comment, and I think that some are taking advantage of the sex-scandals to punish the Vatican. But, of course, the closing of the embassy only punishes Ireland.