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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

European Journalists Finally Respond to Crisis in America

Drudge has links to The Telegraph article this morning on the attack on Catholics in Obamacare. It is about time the international community looks at the issue. If America becomes a tyranny, Europe has no chance at all of freedom. Only the European blogs have carried such news in the past week, not the major papers. Kudos to the bloggers.

If the largest free nation in the world loses freedom of conscience, the entire global community will suffer. Look at the links, Europeans.

Army tries to silence chaplains, an article is there, and one of 167 bishops' statements is here. An article, reiterating louder calls for civil disobedience is also there.

Nice that the European press finally caught up with some real issues. Why we need freedom online is obvious.


Konstantin said...

Unfortunately at least here in Germany many journalists are so virulently anti-Catholic that this is probably all that they are waiting for. No wonder they sit back and say nothing.

Supertradmum said...

I would like to know more about the German situation on the ground. Feel free to comment more,if applicable. Thank you.

Konstantin said...

Thank you supertradmum, I will write in more detail on the weekend. Btw, my mother (whose afraid to write in English ;-) )read your post on priests being afraid to preach about hell, she would like to tell you that she totally agrees with you. We've been experiencing the same even in the traditional parishes where we attend or used to attend mass.

Konstantin said...

As promised a little update on the situation in Germany. My family and I are under the impression that there are few countries where religious life has been as erroded as in Germany. Taking into account that Germany is the most populous country of Europe, there is an incredibly small number of people taking the faith seriously. Prelate Georg May,who is one of the few priests speaking up against the general loss of faith, estimated that there ae only about 30,000 Catholics in Germany who take the Ten Commandments seriously. The number of traditionalist faithful is very small an many Bishops are very reluctant in implementing the Motu Proprio.

As mentioned, the media is generally anti-Catholic especially the larger newspapers and magazines such as "Der Spiegel". This rag (weekly) is notorious for putting anti-Catholic headlines on the cover during high feasts such as Christmas or Easter, and the Holy Father is in their crosshairs about every other month. This is the most influential news magazine in Germany with close to six million regular readers, spreading anti-Catholic propaganda for over 50 years.

In a nutshell, that's the situation on the ground in Germany. Thank God we have a strong FSSP presence in our diocese.

We're a bit stunned that you have so many friends with whom you can discuss religious topics! How did you find them?

Supertradmum said...

Dear Konstantin, What an interesting but sad situation. But, as you know, anti-Catholicism goes back to Bismarck, who hated the Church, so you are witnessing 100 plus years of such.

As to finding all those friends, three are in England, two in America, one in Malta and so we discuss on skype or online, or when we see each other!