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Friday, 30 March 2012

Poem for Anne, Countess of Arundel

St. Robert Southwell, poet and martyr, became chaplain to Anne Dacre, Countess of 
Arundel. Recently, I discovered that she was a poet in her own right. I have written a poem about her, and here it is.

Poem on Anne Dacre Howard March 29th, 2012

Woman of youth, married in unlove, but learning
the ways of God through countless sorrows 
and the movement of uncertainty

Lady, who lived and wrote without comfort
like a small animal hidden in a field of corn
unable to reach the grain for her children

How are we to understand your incessant
wanderings, your loss of home and honor
covenanted to the old Church, the Pope

and the glory of Rome? Those who rest
in peace wonder at your persistence of
memory and kindness, wonder at

the love for the sick and the poor
when you yourself suffered such
and did not mind the memory?

Woman of Faith, who lost her found
love too early, fought stories and fables
who was told lies, but understood

the treachery of the times to translate
hatred into love and propaganda
into prayer. We, who are gasping

for breath in a new age of disturbing
hatred of the good, look to you for
guidance and intercession.

Anne, whose son never saw his 
father and whose husband never
saw his son, but embraced the Son

of God, and a title of immortality
for fading riches, Anne, remember
us in our complacency and help

us to gather our wits, to be ready
in poverty or loss of self in order
to be Church Militant.

Anne Howard, pray for us.