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Thursday, 29 March 2012

POTUS is fanning the flames

Just a comment on the recent statements of POTUS on the shooting. We all know what it is about, but the language coming from various groups of hatred and creating an atmosphere of anti-white, anti-authority, that is anarchy. This president simply does not represent all the people of the United States. It is so unnecessary to create and use racist language from that level, from the White House.

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Konstantin said...

It's about high time somebody starts preaching the unabridged Catholic faith to African-Americans, which is the only solution to all their problems. How many black teenagers are going to end up in the morgue by tomorrow morning and nobody cares about them because they were shot not by a white man, but by another black boy? Those double standards are sickening.

And here's Fatima again: all the leftists are jumping on the bandwagon everytime something like this happens, causing more divide, spreading their errors and hate. There is probably no other ethnic group in the US that has been the target of Communist propaganda in the same way as the blacks.

I hope there will be some holy priests and bishops in America making up for the shortcomings of their predecessors. Please pray for this!

St. Peter Claver, pray for us!