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Monday, 25 June 2012

Another banal article by Ms. Kenny vs. the real deal on Fr. Z

Twice in three weeks, I have disagreed with Mary Kenny of The Catholic Herald, which is the best Catholic newspaper in GB at this time. It may be her editors and the person who writes the headlines, which do not help her article. This week, she shows that she has no understanding of the seriousness of the defection of the nuns and sisters of the LCWR in America, something which is being discussed for weeks and weeks at length at wdtprs. Ms. Kenny should read the real deal.

Those of us who have put up with the tyranny of the majority of nuns and sisters who have taught heresy and have stood against Humanae Vitae and the Gospel of Life, know what we have been up against since the early 1970s. I have written about this myself, how the nuns at my campus installed NOW as early as 1970-1971 academic year, giving them the right to counsel girls who were pregnant. Duh. This is not news. The Vatican has taken a very long time in dealing with a serious problem of defection among the nuns.

I suggest Mary does her homework. The Obamacare package may be declared unconstitutional within 70 hours, God willing, and those of us who have followed this bill and actually read the sections which not only support contraception and abortion facilities, but deny freedom of conscience to those in the insurance and health industries, know what we are up against, as do all, that is all the bishops, who signed the statement of non-support, realizing the act is an attack on religious freedom in the States.

Either Ms. Kenny does her homework before writing or she should not choose a subject about which she is ignorant. This action of the CDF is not about politics, it is about core teachings of the Catholic Church and whether nuns and sisters are living out their vows. This list of areas where these sisters leave Church doctrine is too long for me to repeat. One can read my comments on Fr. Z. He is covering this situation nicely.


Anonymous said...

Mary Kenny was a famous feminist in Ireland in the 1970's. She was one of the main members and organisers of the Contraception Train, a publicity stunt where feminist's campaigners got the train to Belfast to buy contraceptives and bring them back to the Republic where they were illegal at the time.Although she has become more conservative as she has gotten older she has not rejected completely all of her radical opinions. It is therefore my own personal opinion that she feels a sympathy or affinity for the LCWR and their political position.
That said she has done good work in trying to counteract the blatant anti-catholic bias that can be seen in the Irish media on a near daily basis and defend the church from such attacks.

Supertradmum said...

Wow, I did not know this, being involved in other things besides Irish Catholic politics in the 1970s. No wonder. I think it is time for the likes of her to retire and let the real Catholics have their say, especially in the Herald.

I think her articles are anti-Catholic.

New Sister said...

On Obamacare (a bit off topic - sorry): financial analysts contest (even on CNBC) that Obamacare is a "job-killer." If the Court strikes it down on Thursday, there is a good chance that the stock market will subsequently soar and the economy improve. Of course this is a good thing, but not just prior to O's bid for re-election. May God deliver us.

Supertradmum said...

Well, even some Europeans are going off Barry.