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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Do you have a nickname? Silly, summer question....

Do you have a nickname? My family never gave nicknames, but of course, children and friends have.

I shall share some interesting nicknames in my life, besides "Supertradmum".

One of my brothers could not say my name, so he called me "Dee-Dee". That did not last long, after he learned to speak correctly.

My grandmother from the Czech side called me "Princess" most of my life. She had many grandchildren, but that was my nickname. There was a abundance of boys, so that may be the reason. My second real boyfriend called me "Pinkie", because I looked like and dressed like this painting above by Lawrence. My next real boyfriend called me "Moley" as in "Good Old Mole" as I was reliable and sensible. 

Then, my next name was given to me by my head at a school where I taught; "Pet". Not sure why...I was the only woman on an all male staff, so that could have been the reason. A true feminist would have hated that, but I thought it was sweet. 

Another friend of mine calls me "Diana" at this point in time, and again, not sure why...None of these have stuck, thank God. I was also called "Xena", after the warrior princess by some of my students, although I never dressed like her (I saw one episode and it was idiotic). They put up a picture of her on the door in my classroom, which I had to take down. There might be a Diana connection. There seems to be a warrior and princess theme brewing, along with reliability

My son calls me Mum. His nickname, which I did not give him, is Kavi, which is Poet, in Sanskrit. However, I am the poet in the family, while he is the expert in prose.
I suppose if one had to trace characteristics through nicknames, one would have to see mine as a combination of traits. Ah well, why do you not share your nicknames on this silly, summer day?

At least I have, for the most part, literary or artistic names, not counting "Xena"...Needless to say, I do not look like any of these personages, except, maybe, "Good Old Mole"; that is, short and near-sighted. However, I am not black and I do not wear trousers or waistcoats.


Anita Moore said...

When I was a kid, my father used to call me "Gertie Growler," after the little old lady in the old Tom Slick cartoons. Lately, he's been calling me "Iggy" -- don't know where he got that! (In no way do I resemble Iggy Pop, nor would I want to!)

P.S. The original Pinkie hangs at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, along with Gainsborough's Blue Boy. I saw them for the first time on a class field trip in grade school. I still remember the tour guide pointing out to us the flush in Pinkie's cheeks as a sign of the consumption that carried her off the year after the painting was finished.

Supertradmum said...

Oh my goodness, I hope I do not get consumption. However, somehow, I do not think that is how I shall finally leave this world...and poor, thing, she was so young.

I would love to see the two paintings together. I knew they were hung together. Cool.

New Sister said...

"Bug" when I was young. Now I bear the great title, "Auntie T"

david. said...

The nicknames that I have received from my friends, various superiors and other acquaintances, for some odd reason all have to do with size. Let's see, there was 'Shrek', 'Bear', 'Monster', 'Giant', 'Goliath'. I cannot, for the love of me, fathom why.

Supertradmum said...

Hmmm david, I wonder why. I would call you SW, Samurai Warrior