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Monday, 9 July 2012

Feminism's Greatest Failure

woman burned in attempted honor killing
I am disappointed and a bit miffed at my fellow sisters, not all, not A, or NS or C or B, but most the women of the Western World.

In America and in England, except for a few, very few, women are not outraged and speaking out against the rising violence and harassment of women in the Middle East and Far East. In this regard, the feminist movement has FAILED.

Yesterday, on several news sources, a report of young women, students in Egypt, being harassed by men for not wearing a veil and being in trousers, was promulgated. The major media does not cover these stories. A woman was shot in Kabul for have a relationship with a politician, shot nine times. The politician was not shot.

In Nigeria, women, children and men who are Christian were killed on the weekend.

In Sudan, sharia law will be the law of the land, taking away liberties from women primarily, and from Christians. This is in today's news sources from Christian sites.

In Indonesia and in Saudi Arabia, girl's schools were burned as it is against Islam to educate women, and in the second case, girl's were allowed to burn to death. The last episode, which happened in January, was covered by very few news agencies.

No one is reporting these abuses but about six sites which I found, and all are Christian based. Why? And, why are not the feminists in America, Great Britain and other European countries outraged at the increasing violence against women?

Feminism has failed because the movement is not really about civil rights for women. It is about "me".

There is an older but good article on how feminism has failed American women as well. See here.

Women die, girls die, and more will unless the Women of the West respond now.

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