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Sunday, 29 July 2012

On Cromwell and Cheesecake

There is a dessert company named , which has this list on a package of miniature cheesecake thingies and all over the website; sounds like a to-do list of a particularly narcissistic 15 year-old. I do not think I shall buy these again.

Pleasure is everything
Give in to happiness
Reject propriety; embrace variety
Prudence is sooo 1658
Life is fleeting; clasp it hard with both hands
Seek delight
Trust your impulses
Ordinary is pointless
Break free.

Even though the lemon curd was above average, after typing out the list, I defiantly will not be buying anything of this brand again. Who wants the mix of Post-post-Modernist philosophy and neo-paganism on the back of one's dessert box? Yuck.

1658 was the year Oliver Cromwell died. So, I suppose the reference is to Puritanism and the stringent rules of the Protectorate. However, as a Catholic, my people were never bound by such silly no-cheesecake rules. I mean, really....