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Sunday, 29 July 2012

On Cromwell and Cheesecake

There is a dessert company named , which has this list on a package of miniature cheesecake thingies and all over the website; sounds like a to-do list of a particularly narcissistic 15 year-old. I do not think I shall buy these again.

Pleasure is everything
Give in to happiness
Reject propriety; embrace variety
Prudence is sooo 1658
Life is fleeting; clasp it hard with both hands
Seek delight
Trust your impulses
Ordinary is pointless
Break free.

Even though the lemon curd was above average, after typing out the list, I defiantly will not be buying anything of this brand again. Who wants the mix of Post-post-Modernist philosophy and neo-paganism on the back of one's dessert box? Yuck.

1658 was the year Oliver Cromwell died. So, I suppose the reference is to Puritanism and the stringent rules of the Protectorate. However, as a Catholic, my people were never bound by such silly no-cheesecake rules. I mean, really....


Just another mad Catholic said...

Although I sympathise to a point about the naricism of GU I do think that we catholics once DID go over the top when it comes to Asceitcism. I remember visiting a former convent (seized by henry VII) where the nuns ate only one small meal a day, you do that then you will probebly end up in a situation where many young girls who DO have a vocation to religious life are going to get kicked out because they can't take the austerities; and thos who DO persevere are likely to die VERY young.

Supertradmum said...

Actually, people who made it past the age of five, (the time when kids get diseases) lived until old age in the Middle Ages. I only eat most days one meal a day and I am fine and sassy.

And, I am middle-aged. In fact, the more austere convents are getting the most vocations. And girls are screened for health reasons, anyway.

Just another mad Catholic said...

1stly I doubt that there is a corrolation between the amount of food eaten in a convent and the number of vocations.

2ndly it is a scientific fact that the body needs at least 1800 calories a day (more in the case of those of us who are generously propotioned) to sustain vital functions.

3rdly in evidence of my original point the Visitation Order was set up to take in girls who had been turned away from other convents because they couldn't take the ridiculous levels of austerity in the convents of other orders (not too harsh for the weak nor to easy for the strong).

4thly doesn't this all smack a little of manichism? sometimes when hanging around trad blogs I get the impression that everything material is bad with a capital B. Its one thing to moderate ones desires, it is another thing entirely to scourge oneself with a cat o nine tails, deprive oneself of vital nutriants by trying to live off bread and water and then presume to tell others who don't follow such practises that they are wicked to the Nth degree

Supertradmum said...

Just another....If we do not mortify ourselves in some way, we shall not see God. The flesh and concupiscence lead to many sins. Just read the CCC.

Just another mad Catholic said...

I did not deny the necessity of mortification I just said that some Catholics go waaaaaaayyyy over the top when it comes to mortification and then presume to tell other Catholics that they are abominably wicked because they don't practise it to the same degree; e.g. a women who is with child and therefore is eating for two should NOT be fasting (although unless the doctor orders otherwise abstinence from meat is fine, I would be horrified if an Eastern Rite Priest who was fasting were to suggest that she is on the road to dammnation because she isn't fasting at the moment.