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Friday, 3 August 2012

Catholic Kulturkampf

Father Z., Father Ripperger and others have repeated the phrase lex orandi, lex credendi. This phrase means several things, including how we pray is how we believe. Or, how we believe is how we pray.

But, these priests take the phrase a step further. The belief of the Church can be changed by the liturgy. Some people do not understand what this means.

If one continually goes to the Tridentine Mass, one's Faith will change. Those who are there participating at the TLM already have their Faith in keeping with the Church. They have accepted Tradition in Teaching and in Liturgy.

Those who come new will have their Faith change, as they will accept the patrimony of the Church. This is the duty of parents, the prime duty of parents. To be holy, to be reverent, to pass on the Tradition of the Church is all of our duties.

However, Father Z., Father Ripperger and others go further in this description of the impact of the Traditional Latin Mass. The phrase I want to use in describing their view is "Catholic kulturkampf".

The reason why two generations of evangelization has failed for the most part is that the culture WAS being changed by the Mass, but this is no longer happening with the Novus Ordo. Why? And, what can we do about it?

Father Ripperger states that the culture was being created and renewed by the TLM. When the interruption of tradition took place, that is, when the NO was promulgated, the liturgy merely became a mirror of the secular and even sinful culture, while the Transcendent TLM had changed it and renewed it over and over.

I am studying how the TLM affected the Oxford Movement and the Anglo-Catholics in England. The culture was changed! I believe this and we see the fruits in the Ordinariate.

However, the point of Father Ripperger and others is that when the NO merely represents the music, styles, and culture of a given society, the Mass no longer can change and renew that society.

How we worship is how we think and believe.

Many of those commenting on my posts on modesty and androgynous clothes were raised under the NO. They were raised not in a counter cultural movement, the "Catholic kulturkampf" but merely allowed to continue to be influenced by barbarism and sin.

Many of those commenting on the fact that remaining single is merely non-commitment and a relinquishing of duty (and of course for those who were following this, I do not mean those who have consecrated themselves to an order, and Opus Dei is one despite the arguments one gets) do not realize that they have been brainwashed by the secular culture of death.

More and more, we need "Catholic kulturkampf". It was there. We lost it. Let it happen again.


newguy40 said...

Lex orandi, Lex credendi is correct. My wife and I have been discussing my 17 YO participation in life teen Mass. Candidly, the life teen Mass is a disaster. The parish is irreverant and un orthodox already. But, the life teen facade is another level of poor and abusive liturgy. My son wants to attend because it has involvement with other teens and Mom and Dad don't want to attend. But, the disrespect to the eucharist and liturgy makes me weep. As I told my wife, I really do think we are waging a war for his soul right now. As a family we attend Sunday Mass at a local men's religous shrine. When the provincial is the celebrant, the NO is carried out with due reverence and to the GIRM. If it's not the provincial we get another Father who is a little bit more... theatrical.

I have spent time with my son explaining to him as I have many times before the significance of the Mass and the importance of his active participation. And, why the life teen Mass is not good for his soul and future in the Faith. This has been quite painful and I have spent many hours in prayer asking for help from the Holy Family, St Michael the archangel and my sons guardian angel.

There is simply no substitute for the EF. I cannot see how Faith can be nurtured and matured in the current NO environment. I don't know what I would do without my recourse to prayer and the holy eucharist. I feel quite alone at times from a human stand point.

Supertradmum said...

I took my son years ago to a LifeTeen Mass which was so awful we left and went to another Mass, as I was sure it was not valid.

Sadly, most of the people there were over 60. And, it was in California. I had never been to one and it was highly advertised all over the diocese. Horrible.

Marcus, der mit dem C said...

I always understood the lex orandi, lex credendi quote in the following way: How we pray forms our way how we believe, even subconciously. If a faithful attends masses were nobody ever kneels during the canon, there is only a small step towards the altar if there is any at all, and our Saviour is always addressed as "Our Brother Jesus" there is a very high chance, that this faithful with best intentions will have a defective attitude towards the last judgement and Christ the King as ruler in the paradise.

New Sister said...

Marcus - few kneel in France, where kneelers are rarely provided. Kneelers are rare, too, in Poland/Lithuania, but I noticed that nearly all at Holy Mass (the older generation, mostly) are on their knees - sometimes weeping.