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Friday, 3 August 2012

When will the clapping stop?

It happens all the time. I cannot understand the need and the continuation of clapping during or even after Mass. I cannot understand clapping for people in the pew, the organist, the choir, the newly baptized adult, or mothers on Mother's Day. It just happened again almost weekly this summer in a Church I was visiting in the south of England and in a Church in Ireland. Even if it is rare, it should not happen at all. We should not be drawing attention to ourselves at Mass.

Please, no clapping...And, the clapping at weddings is just too much...when did this start?

"Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment. Such attractiveness fades quickly — it cannot compete in the market of leisure pursuits, incorporating as it increasingly does various forms of religious titillation." (Cardinal Ratzinger, The Spirit of the Liturgy, pp 147)


Dominic Maria said...

Clapping is oftern a bad thing but I feel in rare circumstances it can be apropriete espeacilly when directed at a work of God. for example the Italiens clap at funerals and I think clapping after Ordination is also good (after the dismissal is best) and as for wedding couples after the dismissal it is good to show apreciaition of the work of God in uniting the two into one. though I agree in 90% of cases when clapping breaks out it is inapropriete for a church setting, espeacilly when claping for music or for the children etc.

Patricia said...

Somewhat off topic of this particular post but it got me thinking, I am wondering if it would be possible if your could explain your views on children's participation in mass. A few years ago at an anniversary mass for my father the mass we attended was a special children's mass with children sitting at the alter throughout, the normally wonderful choir replaced by the children singing and the priest spent most of his time addressing the children rather than the rest of the congregation. We had been asked if we could change the time at which we had his mass in order to facilitate another family who had visiting relations which we did willingly. We weren't told that this was a special children's mass and a few of us came out feeling that the whole thing lacked respect and dignity. I suppose what I am asking is how are events like this deemed compatible with anniversary masses and its there ever a reason to have special masses for children?

Supertradmum said...

I think the priest is asked to do these around the school schedules,if there is a local Catholic school connected to the parish. I would highly suggest when you have an anniversary Mass, you ask if there is a "school Mass" on the same day and possibly move it. Principals can demand certain times around their schedules and priests usually reply, as they want the kids in Church.

However, it seemed that the priest might have forgotten or is not sensitive to your needs as well. Talk to him about it, or get an anniversary Mass said a another parish. It does not matter where one has a Mass said.
That is the first point. Secondly, there is an approved children's liturgy addenda, but it does not change the liturgy. And, it does not involve children sitting around the sanctuary. I shall give the link at the end of this note. This idea of having kids move up has been going on for at least 40 years. I remember these in my parish in the 1970s, such as 1973.

"If the number of children is large, it may at times be suitable to plan the Mass so that it corresponds more closely to the needs of the children. In this case the homily should be directed to them but in such a way that adults may also benefit from it."

* * *Decree and Directory for Masses with Children" published by the Holy See in 1973 speaks of this topic in Nos. 16-17 regarding "Masses for Adults at which Children are Also Present":