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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Modest Swimwear--dipping into a contentious subject

Rose Marie Reid
I used to swim, but have not since I have had cancer operations for various reasons. However, I always manage to find relatively modest swimwear by a company called Rose Marie Reid, which to be honest, I do not know if is in the modest swimwear business anymore.
Rose Marie Reid

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Here are some examples, which by today's standards are modest. But now, there is a company which makes even more modest swimwear, which I and some of my trad friend like. The company, Meant to be Modest has adorable swimwear for girls and adults, which I think I might try.

Unlike Rose Marie Reid, who did show a lot of leg, these newer styles seem possible for swimming unless you are in the Olympics and need Speedo.  Here are some examples. I thank my friend "I" for reminding of this site which I looked at last year. I love the lycra prints here at this page. Tell me what you think.

Rose Marie Reid
Made to be Modest
Made to be Modest
In this day and age of the over-sexualization of little girls, these swimsuits are great.

Made to be Modest


Dymphna said...

The fabric is nice but I don't think I could stand to wear them. said...

There are different styles of swimwear these days that are seen to be very modest and they cover a lot more than these you have posted.
They fall into the category of sensible sun-wear and are often used buy adults and children alike.
I do like the vintage styles though!!

Supertradmum said..., yes and if you send me good sites, I can post them. Sadly one sent to me advertised yoga classes as well, which is against Catholic teaching, as seen on this blog, so I cannot advertise such a group. Let me know and I can check out links.

mcbabyadventures said...

As a pale-skinned person, I always wonder why swimsuit makers and buyers don't seem to pay a heck of a lot of attention to the dangers of sun exposure. A "practical" reason for modesty! (Then again, people pay money to get skin cancer in tanning beds, so...not a lot of common sense going on.)

I usually go for the most coverage I can get with swimsuits sold in department stores and then wear a coverup except when I'm actually in the water, but these are a lot better. Thank you!

theraineyview said...

My swimwear, which I put together from shorts and leotards etc., is more modest than these in some ways but is a little translucent when wet in areas. I can't afford to buy specialty swimwear. I hope I can someday.
Men should know they look much better in a modest suit, too. That means legs that cover part of the thigh, two layers for the lower part (tight under loose), and a tank top upper part. It's comfortable, dignified and manly, and you can swim in it perfectly well if it fits.

Supertradmum said...

Please remember this blog does not publish Anonymous. However, two comments were particularly good, so I put them under my own name, encouraging the writers to get a blog name.

Lots of the moms at our pool are now wearing the sunscreen shirts (i.e. "rash guards") paired with those swim or board shorts or sometimes a swim skirt. It's a modest look and I like it because it doesn't draw any attention. on Modest Swimwear--dipping into a contentious subject
...and the second, which is so true...


Amy Carson said...

It is hard to find modest swimwear, but there is definitely a market for it. I like your 1920s inspired take on the designs.

Andi Anderson said...

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