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Thursday, 9 August 2012

More on modesty in swimming and immodesty in the Olympics

Thanks, Wiki
I have some good friends who have been feeding me information on modesty. God bless them. Here is a great quote (1959) from Enrique Cardinal Pla y Deniel, of Spain, and a Spanish Cardinal would know something about this subject.

 “A special danger to morals is represented by public bathing at beaches, in pool and river banks… Mixed bathing between men and women, which nearly always is a proximate occasion of sin and a scandal, must be avoided.”

I have always thought that swimming with one's own sex is a great idea, for many reasons. 

Plus: "Do they not see the harm resulting from excess in certain gymnastic exercises and sports not suitable for virtuous girls?" 
Pius XII, 1954 

"in gymnastic exercises and deportment special care must be had of Christian modesty in young women and girls which is so gravely impaired by any kind of exhibition in public."  
Pius XI, 1929

We have really moved far away from this.


inara said...

Yes! That's why there used to be a Y*W*CA separate from the YMCA.

Jackie Parkes said...

Sorry I couldn't post on my old blog Lead Kindly Light - The ACWB is a forum for all Catholic women - we don't tend to catagorise into groups - hope you like it!

Caroline said...

Hmm, so would you say it is sinful to go to the public pool with ones own family? Or that it is sinful to compete in swimming, gymnastics, or track and field? I am curious not attacking. Just because I know many Catholics who are serious about their faith and do not see it pose a problem these days. What about swimming with long shorts and a t shirt on over?

Supertradmum said...

Caroline, if one has the ability to have a private pool, then swimming with the family might be ok, depending on the age of the children. I have protestant friends with pools who do not let the teen age boy in with the girls and their teenage friends, which I think is a good idea. You probably have not seen the problems in Florida, California or Europe, where nudity and almost nudity are more and more common. I belonged to a sports club years ago in Minneapolis that had separate facilities for men and woman and it was so freeing. Look at the site and let me know what you think of the adult swim suits all lycra.

Supertradmum said...

PS we had a problem in a very nice apartment complex private pool when a teen age girl took off her top. I had to pull my son out of the pool for the rest of the year, which was sad.

Supertradmum said...

PS that was in Wisconsin

Catechist Kevin said...

I refuse to even *glance* at the women playing beach volleyball - the channel gets changes quickly.

Their - um, outfits(?) are completely scandalous.


New Sister said...

I hate sharing a weight room with men, but as a military officer it can't be avoided... I make sure I dress in baggy-ish clothes and unless it's unbearably warm inside, add a running vest on top. I also schedule my time to go when it's least crowded.

Pools attached to gyms (as at the Pentagon and at the last hotel I stayed in) are often emplaced below an array of large windows, making anyone who wishes to swim an exhibit for those running on treadmills to "zone-out" on. It's dreadful & immoral and prevents me from ever using the pool. Dark times we're in for sure.