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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Divisions in the Church; the blind establishment vs. the prophets

Thousands of pro-life Catholics are following the scandal of the Obama invitation to the Al Smith Dinner. We are waiting for a comment from Cardinal Dolan, which has not happened, explaining this scandal, which is the same as the Notre Shame scandal. How can he explain an invitation? Many people have signed a petition to dis-invite POTUS to this fund-raiser for the Diocese of New York. As long as these types of public acceptance of the leader of the culture of death occur, Catholics will be confused and scandalized.

I have lost respect for some of the Catholic commentators who are supporting this bad and growing example of compromise in the elite group of those who do not represent me nor many good Catholics in America. I praise those commentators who have stood up against this invitation, and blatantly naive stand. And, as noted on this blog, the Democratic Party Platform now includes the support for civil unions. This is not rocket science....this dinner is playing into the hands of the pharisees.

May I add that I just found out today that the famous young priest, whose First Mass was a Tridentine Mass in the Archdiocese of New York, the photos of which went over the Net, was personally "reprimanded" after the fact by the same Church leader? The priest corrected did not tell me, but someone "close to the ground", as it were...What is going on? I do not understand either the invitation or the lack of support for the TLM by a so-called "conservative" bishop. One priest was ordained this year in that diocese and the establishment should be thrilled--instead, there is inside manipulation against the trend of young men who love the TLM. From Hamlet:

He waxes desperate with imagination.
Let's follow. 'Tis not fit thus to obey him.
Have after. To what issue will this come?
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Heaven will direct it.
Nay, let's follow him


Anita Moore said...

I began to be suspicious as soon as Card. Dolan started receiving plaudits from the secular press over receiving the red hat, and when talk was noised about of him becoming the first American pope. Plaudits from the secular press is not necessarily a bad sign in itself: I believe Bl. Clemens von Galen also was hailed on his elevation to the cardinalate. But then, Bl. Clemens was widely recognized to have done extraordinary things. Card. Dolan...not so much.

P.S. If, many years down the road, our next Holy Father be an American, it will be Card. Burke. You heard it here first.

Supertradmum said...

Cardinal Burke will never be Pope. I am sorry to break your bubble. The Italians want another Italian Pope next..

Anita Moore said...

I did say IF. And I know there are plenty of people in the world who would rather eat a bucket of bugs than see an American on the Throne of Peter. However, I don't think the Holy Spirit is strictly obliged to consult the Italians...

newguy40 said...

I, too, was very disappointed and vocal about my dismay over Cardinal Dolan's invitation. Scandal is scandal as far as I can tell the situation. We are naturally inclined toward charity in our relationships and dealings with others but this action will be itnerpreted as weakness and lack of courage. This is dangerous.

A lack of support for te TLM? If you are not used to that, you better pray and prepare. I was blessed to have a Sunday TLM near by for about one year. Then it was moved to a mausaleum 30 miles away. This is the only Sunday TLM in the parish. There is a daily low Mass on tuesdays at a tiny parish. The next closest TLM for me is another 30 miles north. I don't understand the hate for the TLM. For me, it is the single most beautiful thing I have ever experienced or expect to experience while I remain on this earth!

New Sister said...

Cardinal Dolan doesn't appear to exhibit strong enough leadership and orthodoxy to pull the Church in the USA out of the nose-dive it is in. I thought this immediately, during his installation Mass, the first time i had ever seen him (on EWTN). I noticed he was smiling and waving at people before (and after) Holy Mass, then celebrated this solemn rite with an upbeat, jovial cadence in his voice. (is he uneasy with the greatness of his office?) These things are out-of-place at a re-presentation of Calvary, as out-of-place as applause and guitar music. My reservations about His Grace were confirmed by subsequent failures to speak out against the homosexual agenda--I've seen his same jovial applause lent to show a gay-support group - which does not have as its end stopping the homosexual lifestyle amongst the faithful. I had a refreshing ray of hope when the Cardinal admitted that Church leadership has, since Vatican II, lacked the courage to teach and lead on unpopular topics. Now, with the impending Obama photo-op, I'm demoralized once again. What Cardinal Dolan's generation fails to see is that these happy antics have the opposite effect of what they (I assume) are intended to have. Instead of drawing people toward and strengthening the Church, progressive liturgy and clergy who wish to appear "with it" and happy at all costs weaken faith and squelch the majesty of Holy Mother Church. Even a casual, non-Catholic observer can contrast a reverently celebrated solemn Mass with Gregorian chant to a happy "inclusive" Mass (altar girls, EMHCs, modern choir) and see that the former is a more serious Force to be reckoned with. To our enemies, the former is intimidating; the latter timid.

Michael Voris got it right yesterday, saying to all Bishops, that we Catholics will forgive and fall-in the ranks "in a heartbeat", and give our lives to serve and strengthen Holy Mother Church. We WANT to follow our Bishops, but they so often make it difficult, if not impossible. I obviously cannot speak for the Holy Spirit, but I sense that He has been moving in Christ's Church, bestowing exceptional graces of orthodoxy amongst the faithful. I am one very grateful recipient of this gift, and can't bear to hide it under a bushel, which is what is being asked of us when subjected to modern liturgical practices and mealy-mouthed "leadership". We are the Church Militant. Having our leaders publicly mingle with the enemy who seeks to devour us, to refuse to admit this is wrong, is willful fratricide.

As far as Mr. Donahue goes, I've always noticed a lack of courage in him to speak boldly against the HHS mandate (bold does not equal loud, by the way). He never cites the intrinsic evil of contraception and sterilizations; only expresses opposition in terms of abortion and abortion-inducing drugs. Wrong as these things are, it indicates a lack of faith in the fullness of Truth in Catholic teaching and its power to defeat the enemy. Who can follow that? I'm always fearful of what flank is exposed - to our own forces! And rightly so: Mr. Donahue's public insults against the faithful who oppose Cardinal Dolan's smiley photo-op with Obama is betrayal, like handing us over to Pilot be judged… albeit an honor to follow Christ in this way, it's no less heart-breaking.

Edward said...

I'm only a casual observer of American Catholicism, but I was under the impression that Card. Dolan was quite good... have I missed something?

Jacobi said...

“was personally reprimanded after the fact by the same Church leader”

Under the terms of Summorum Pontificum any priests may say the Traditional Mass of St Pius V, the Tridentine Mass, without prior permission, and if he wishes to do it with “some faithful” then he is to be permitted to do so. Any reprimand would be invalid. If such a priest is then sent into exile in the furthest reaches of the diocese then that’s great for the parishioners out there.

Assuming enough young priests insist on saying the Mass of their ancestors, and given the present age profile of priests, and the present trend in vocations, then the habit of exiling such priests will soon stop.

New Sister said...

I am out of line accusing a Cardinal of lacking orthodoxy. that I cannot speak on. But the friendly style of leadership I can, especially in a combat situation: it doesn't work!!! And, we are at war.

New Sister said...

Edward - I had thought so, too, but he's not standing up to Obama. 53% of Catholics voted for B.O., and Cardinal Dolan is about to help keep it that way by hob-nobbing in front of cameras with the most anti-Catholic president ever. Watch the Vortex of yesterday and today on They sum up the situation very well.