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Friday, 7 September 2012

On strange comments regarding the TLM...

Why is there a generation of priests who refuse to learn the Latin Mass? It is one of two accepted forms and people want to experience it. I have had some conversations recently with some fifty-ish year old priests on the form of the Mass and these are sentences paraphrased said by priests.

1) The TLM did not encourage a personal relationship with Jesus!

2) The TLM did not encourage the priest to reach out to the laity!

3). The TLM was always said too fast and without reverence!

4) Priests experience joy with the NO but not with the TLM!

5) It was the will of the Church to change the Mass and break away from the TLM!

6) No one wants Latin Masses and these are divisive!

7) The Spirit of Vatican II is not found in the TLM, which is retrograde! (I have to think about that one)

8) The NO evangelizes but the TLM does not!

9) The TLM does not encourage lay involvement and therefore is not part of the post-Vatican II Church!

10) I came into the priesthood years after Vatican II and the TLM is not part of my experience!

11) In this diocese, the TLM is not a priority!

12) The TLM is all about the priest and not the laity!

13) The TLM is showy!

None of them wanted to learn it.