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Friday, 7 September 2012

Vocation Encouragement from St. Thomas More and Rudy

I do not believe in lost vocations, unless a person has said "NO".

If you have been rejected by a diocese, religious order or convent, move on. Try another diocese. Try another order.

Think about marriage. If you have a divorce and annulment, pray for healing and wholeness.
Ask God what He wants you to be, how He wants to love you.

Be open.

Do not go on and on about your "lost vocation".  God has his way.

Remember that St. Thomas More tried and did not complete a religious vocation.

God had other things for him to do.

God has something for you to do.

The Blessed Virgin Mary probably thought she would live her life in a celibate way.

She became the Mother of the Messiah, the Theotokos.

Try and try again. I have a love-hate relationship with Notre Dame.

God made me what I am by giving me opportunities.

Do it!

You do not know what you can do unless you try.

Steele: Rudy,are you ready for this, champ?
Rudy: I’ve been ready for this my whole life!
Steele: Then you take us out on the field.


Catechist Kev said...

I love the part in Rudy where he is in the Sacred Heart Basilica praying to be admitted into ND and he asks Fr. Cavanaugh:

"Have I done everything I can do? Can you help me?"

To which the priest replies:

"Son, in 35 years of religious study, I have only come up with two hard incontrovertible facts: there is a God, and I'm not Him."

Go Irish! Beat Boilers!


Tupac said...

I wonder why we don't encourage vocations more. We encourage everything else.

Unknown said...

Tupac, if we encouraged holiness the vocations might follow.


Supertradmum said...

If we encourage holy families, we shall have vocations, as vocations come from good Catholic families

Wallace said...

I will humbly submit, however, that if you have been refused entry by mmore than one diocese/order that the fault may not merely be applying to the wrong places. Good people can be denied, but it takes more than a good disposition, more evan than a solid prayer life, to be a good priest or religious. If you will work for God's peole, you need competence. You need to be able to empathize and relate well to others. If you struggle with building friendships and other relationships, work on that first, then you will have more to offer the Body of Christ in your ministry. Trust in the Lordb if he wills it, He will provide the gifts.