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Monday, 10 September 2012

Panic in Carthage...........I mean, The Tablet

September 8th Panic Attack in The Tablet-Calling Martini a Prophet, etc.

The Burning of Carthage
Here in my little old hands is the latest issue of The Tablet.

Guess who is on the cover? The late Cardinal Martini. Guess which person is featured in the editorial and many more articles, plus a tribute by Cardinal Comac Murphy-O'Connor (which is not all praise, thank God)?


Guess whose cowardly address, only to be published after his death, is highlighted?


Check these points out.  The mask of The Tablet finally has completely slipped. Some of us have known since 1968 that this periodical was not only part of the Dissenting Church, but was creating a broad-based Dissenting Church by the continuation of anti-Magisterium views. The liberals are panicking.

Some quotations from this last issue:

"Cardinal Martini's gift to the Church is make certain things sayable again at the highest level-for instance, that as he declared on another occasion, Humanae Vitae was a grave mistake; and that the denial of Holy Communion to Catholics who have divorced and remarried (without annulments) is an abuse of power and an injustice.".

Poor, poor editor. He is seeing his false, dissenting church buckling under age and heresy.

The editorial states, "Collegiality was meant to displace this top-down ultramontane model..." Umm, tell that to the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity who instituted the Church on earth as a hierarchy.

Again, the editor quotes Martini, and we must be grateful to the Holy Spirit for protecting the Church against the possible leadership of this man: "The Church is 200 years behind the times. How come it doesn't rouse itself? Are we afraid? Fearful  instead of courageous?"

And the editor ends with on this note: "This is the authentic voice of an Old Testament prophet, castigating the mighty in the name of the Lord....."

Shut this publication down, NOW.

If you want to read the rest of the articles, go take a Tablet from the back of your local Church. I am not advising stealing, but borrowing may be OK.

By the way, in the article by Rosica, those who labelled Martini as "liberal" are "immature".

Sigh, there is nothing one can do about mediocrity in writing and journalism....