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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Answer to Jack

A reader notes that being a Catholic seems masochistic. If original sin had not happened and if our natures were not bent on selfishness and narcissism, one could say that such mortification seems harsh. However, the self-love and sin we to experience must be challenged. To put this topic in a positive light, how can we love God with our whole heart, mind, and soul if there is no room in our heart for God? The purgative state cleanses our imagination, purifies our intentions, enlargens our heart in order to really love. Scroll down to my posts on the will, read the articles using material by Saints Bernard and Thomas Aquinas.I just read your second comment. The key is trying not to worry and trusting in Divine Providence, begging for healing and grace. Showing God you are serious about wanting to love Him above all things and people....accepting poverty and even chosing it as He has allowed it. The joy of seeing all suffering as opportunity to love God in reality and not sentimentality is the challenge. Jack, ask for the grace. Ask yourself if you want to love God first.


jack said...

but you can go (and many trads do) way too far; for example I want to knock together the heads of people who upon hearing of another's misfortne go "this is a great moment of grace for you", yes theoretically it is, but the average newly unemployed person is not going "thankyou God for getting my boss to sack me", he's thinking oh crap, how am I gong to pay my bills, the mortgage, eat etc.

Now it may be the fact that I've had a hard life so far, that I've been subjected to situations that no normal person in their early twenties should be. But the writings of Priests and Religious that condem me for wanting a little bit of security in my life, for wanting to feel (sorry I know its a swear word) loved etc etc strikes me as being from the mouth of the pharasees.

Catholic Priests would get much better results with Mary Poppins "a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicene go down" than Augustine's "the doctor doesn't stop cutting because the patient is screaming"

New Sister said...

Dearest Jack,

the Catholic faith does not condemn the material world; financial security and a roof over your head are valid things to desire (poverty and homelessness are evils). What Supertradmum is talking about and writes about *extensively* is detachment from things and from our will; and unfortunately, we fallen creatures require suffering arrive at this… and to do penance for our sins. But maybe it's not time for you to hear that now, since it sounds like you're in pain and have gone through a lot.
Dear brother in Christ, *never* doubt that you are loved!! God has not and never will abandon you. At Holy Mass today, I will pray for you and ask Our Lord to restrain confusion and gently make things clear in your heart.
Yours faithfully in Him,
"New Sister"

BTW: do you pray the Rosary?