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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Suffering and the purgative way

For the lay person, just as with the religious, the first step is found in the purgative way: that is, the ego, the self-will must be destroyed...the losing of one's self. In the monastery, this could mean doing things which seem not giving a guest a coffee spoon because only so many spoons are allowed in the kitchen; or having to use only water for cleaning and not soap. Obedience over-rules common sense. In the lay life, this could mean being overlooked for a well-earned promotion, or being unemployed and very poor. The suffering, if seen as a moment of grace and accepted, becomes part of the molding of the soul into humility. A great Failure, for example, can be a huge grace. I do not have my computer. I am blogging by phone..a moment of grace, rather than frustration. Criticisms by someone in the church who said I was odd and a burden, becomes a moment of joy, indifference and be continued.