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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How sad; another disobedient priest-pray for him

I have been daily attending Mass at Whitefriar's in Dublin. No more. Today, an Irish priest used the word "cup" instead of chalice. After Mass, I approached him and asked him if the Carmelite usage was different and why he used cup. He said that he strongly disagreed with the new translation and that it was his own decision to use the old. I told him I was a Latinist and noticed the change and that chalice was a more exact rendering of the Latin. He agreed. But.... He told me that many people in America disagree with the new translation. Hmmm... I know the Mass I heard is illegal, that it is illicit. Comments, please, and pray for this priest's soul. He is in disobedience not only to his order, but to the Pope. Sad days, and I shall have to walk to another Church in the area and light my candles at other shrines.
Thanks, Wiki