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Friday, 16 November 2012

The Souls in Purgatory

The theologians and mystics writing on purgatorial suffering state it is the same as that of hell, only temporal, and with a certain joy underlying the pain, as the soul, which is being made perfect, knows he or she is saved. Such a comfort would be great.

St. Gertrude has much to say on these souls and we can join her in praying for them. Years ago, I made the great offering of my merit to go to them, as I loved these souls even as a child. My merits would fill a small tea-cup, but the Crucified Saviour merited heaven for these just.

Today, on the Feast of St. Gertrude, pray for a specific soul and have Masses said for those who have died. I pray for specific people who have died, rather than a general prayer.

Perhaps you could choose someone who has no family to pray for them. Or, a person who seemed not to have died in the Faith. God is merciful.