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Sunday, 2 December 2012

A good, old-fashioned sermon at St. Kevin's

The sermon I heard today should have been made into a video or MP3. Father Nevin at St. Kevin's at the TLM came out like a great prophet against the coming abortion law in the Dail and spoke in good old hell-fire manner. Father Nevin spoke of hell and the consequences of sin. He highlighted the fact that Eire has lost its Faith. He did not spare any harsh words.  He warned of a cataclysmic judgement from Christ, who could come back to earth next week, next year or in a million years. He emphasized that God would not ignore the result of an abortion law, and the reality of both the particular and final judgement.

Scary, but true that we all shall be judged by the way we vote, or worse, the way we do not support pro-life issues because of apathy.

The young people from Poland, Singapore, Scotland, and Canada I spoke with after Mass thought the sermon was excellent. There were no Irish students or young workers in the group. I have met one Irish person under 40 at the TLM in the several weeks I have been attending Mass there, (except for those in the professional choir, which does not sing there every week and except for the very young altar boys).

The Catholic youth of Eire are missing from the TLM and therefore, do not hear this type of excellent sermon.

There is the pro-life rally I advertised on this blog. When I asked how many were going, none could go. All had classes which were leading up to exams, or could not take off work.

I am wondering why those who set up the rally did not take these schedules into consideration. A young man said that if he told his boss he was taking off for a pro-life rally, for two hours, he would probably be let go from his job.

The pro-life groups here are not organized. The numbers are small. Of course, St. Kevin's is a chaplaincy not a parish and the congregation members may not even live in Dublin. As the only Latin Mass in Dublin, it brings in people from two hours away.

The break-down of the continuity of the family and the radical secularization of society weakens the Church.

The Church is weak here. But, the sermon was great.


Lynda said...

I was giving out leaflets re this crucial pro-life rally after Masses today. After one Mass, one woman handed it back to me in disgust, saying she was in favour of it being a woman's choice to have an abortion, and two men pointedly refuse to take one, knowing what it was about. They all go to Mass there and receive the Holy Eucharist. In this same church, there was NO MENTION of the Day for Life on the day all the priests in Ireland were instructed to preach against abortion. I have been involved in prolife activities in Ireland for thirty years, and I have to say that after all that time, many people are very hardened, stubborn and closed when it comes to standing up against the evil of killing babies in utero. It breaks my heart to say it, loving the Church as I do, but the Church in Ireland, particularly the clergy, has been the biggest single factor in Catholics becoming immune to sin, even to the killing of innocent defenceless children. Regarding the rally on Tuesday, people insofar as possible should take the afternoon off school or work to attend. We need lots of new people there, not just those of us who go to all the protests, rallies, year in, year out.

Supertradmum said...

Lynda, I shall try and be there. How many people do you think will show up?

Lynda said...

I'd be lying if I said I could give a realistic estimate. I am always disappointed at the turnout of prolife rallies, protests, demonstrations which take place several times per year. There were about 7000 at this year's annual All-Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast in July, about 3000 in Belfast against opening of Marie Stopes abortion clinic, and about 3000 in Castlebar on 3rd November. However, sadly up to now, it has generally been just Youth Defence, the Life Institute (with Precious Life, based in the North) organising all the public rallies. On this occasion, at the 11th hour, in extremis, the main prolife organisations are formally cooperating to put on this rally (after 20 years of praying and pleading for such cooperation by many) - so that means PLC and Family and Life are also involved. So, you see, several circstances are different on this occasion: extreme and imminent threat of legalised abortion, all main prolife organisations working together on public rally for first time; but, on the other hand, unprecedented period of extreme, all-pervasive, organised, dishonest pro-abortion propaganda by main Media outlets with the abortion lobby (many of these people are in both sets), and only a few days' notice of the rally for most people. It will be very disappointing if there are less than 10,000. One of the organisers said to me last night that we ought to have a better-prepared one in January.