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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Celebrating 900 Years of the Knights of Malta

I do not want to get into a discussion on the two branches of the Knights of Malta at this stage, but rather celebrate the 900th year of the recognition of the Order. Go to this site for an excellent history of some of the tombs of the great leaders of this Order.

Here is one blog one can read for some information. The UK site is here on this website.

I wrote two posts to the Order earlier this year, which are noted here(1) and here(2)

I would like to see the Church open up another Order of real knights at this time. Where are the military men who would defend Catholics against the onslaught of radical tyrannies, which will happen in the not too distance future? Where are those who see the need for self-defence in an increasingly hostile world, that is, hostile against the Church? I would love to see the Knights defend the TLM.

In celebrating 900 years, I would hope some of the Order would pray and consider the call to the origins and development of that Order.