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Thursday, 27 December 2012

On Old Men and Wizards

Some young people are not happy with the old Gandalf, (who will be much older in the next two films), and the old Radagast. This is simply a symptom of the Westerners growing lack of respect for age. In the Eastern cultures, especially pre-Marxism, the ancient ones are revered.  That young viewers want young wizards is odd to me. The Istari are ancient anyway, and so who cares if they look old.  It is a serious lack of sensitivity to want wizards to look 35 or 40 and be super strong. That is not the point of a wizard to be a superhero, but to watch, wait and give advice.

Sigh, old is good.


Anita Moore said...

Besides which: as I pointed out in a comment to another post, these wizards kick serious butt, contrary to appearances. They could bring knives to a gunfight and still win. Didn't anybody notice how they made short work of orcs and wargs? Radagast practically fought them off with one hand, almost as an afterthought, all while zooming along on his sled -- and he is the goofiest-looking one!

This is a major theme of Tolkien's: all that is gold does not glitter. True worth is below the surface, and beyond appearances. It is not to be measured by size, or exterior beauty -- or the appearance of age.

Supertradmum said...

Anita, I agree with you totally. Too bad about the prejudice...