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Monday, 3 December 2012

Rant on Christmas

I get a newsletter from Patriot Voices, Rick Santorum's group. He noted this fact, which absolutely shocked me: This year the average family will spend $750 on Christmas gifts.

I am amazed. Why? My family never spent that much on all of us and I never have, either, in the past.  Will that happen this year? What is being bought? Junk? More legos and computer games?

Thankfully, I am out of this loop. But, I hope Catholics remember what Christmas is really about. Really. Advent is a time of penance, not a flurry of shopping trips. Some family choose names. Mine could never be so organized to do that.

I have a suggested list for Christmas presents that would cost much less than the usual.

Novena booklets
A paid retreat for Mom and Dad
The Pope's books on Jesus of Nazareth
The Baronius Missal
The Monastic Diurnal
For the Greater Glory (for guys) DVD

The book
My nameday, come for dessert, on which I raised my son.