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Monday, 3 December 2012

What do Catholic women want in a Catholic man?

A few years ago, as study was done by a California polling group which came up with an astounding statistic-the most attractive men for American women was a man pushing a pram or baby push chair with baby, or a man with toddlers. Then, psychologists discovered that family men are actually more masculine. Are we surprised?

Women love guys with babies--women want guys who want babies.

But, women want guys who will protect and take cares of those babies, and make them happy.

It is not that hard. Catholic orthodox women want men who want to be loving husbands and good fathers. Simple, really.

But, this generation may not even know what that means. 

Women who are orthodox Catholics want to be stay-at-home moms. 

If you are a man who wants to marry an orthodox, TLM lady, enter into a vocation which can support a family on one salary; two of my friends chose to be doctors with this in mind. 

Women who want careers sometimes also want a time when that career stops, and if one has a career, one can work if there is an emergency, such as the death of the husband. This happens.

But, if you are in graduate school and the women in your classes are career minded, that is most likely not the place to find your future wife.

Go to a TLM. 

Be open to marrying the woman who is not sitting in class next to you in dental school,  but the one who can cook, sew, care for children.

Be realistic. A brilliant man I know with a doctorate who writes books on Catholic doctrine married a lovely lady with no degree. They have the TLM in common, as well as God, their children, and if he wants to discuss something, she reads. They have an excellent marriage. 

She is a wife and a mother and a companion. He is a protector, a teacher of his children in the morals and the Faith, a good example, and he loves his wife dearly.

This is what Catholic women want. They want to be happy and they want to go to heaven. Simple, really. And, the man is the religious head of the family, not the woman. Women, do not marry a man who is not going to take on that role. Some ethnic groups believe it is the duty of the women to make the man religious. No. This is the role of the man and the woman together.