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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Subjectivity, relativism, Satanism and anarchy

Last year, a baby Jesus was vandalized in Pennsylvania. The statue was made to look like Satan and had satanic symbols on the back of it. The anarchist symbol is clearly visible on the front. What strikes me about this situation is the complete logic of the connections between the hatred of religion, Satanism and anarchy.

I am truly, truly concerned about the Millennials. I am truly, truly concerned that if the youth of the West do not rise up and take the lead in converting others, we shall not only lose our culture and more so, our civilization, but lose the opportunity to catechize the entire world.

The horror of subjective thinking has created an entire generation of relativists who span the earth.

This is one reason why Islam is attractive. Relativism is a philosophical position based on materialistic views of life, history, philosophy. So is Islam.

But, I digress. Relativism and subjectivity has ruined the youths' ability to believe in critical thinking.

Many of these youth no longer believe in reason. They do not believe in free will, the soul, or reason. This is a serious development, planned by the social engineers from the 19th century who do not want a thinking public.

They have now got it. It some countries, this lack of the belief in man's ability to reason is completely gone, except for a few.

So many young people will go to hell because they do not believe in reason and free will.

Are you surprised at this statement?

On my blog and especially in the perfection series, I have said over and over that in order to become a saint, one must become objective. This is essential. If one cannot stand back and see one's own sin and the state of one's own soul, a person lacks the humility and impetus to come to God.

All the saints, as I have said many times, were objective. Subjectivity is the mind of evil-why?

Non servium. The real relativist cannot serve any laws, rules, or hierarchy outside of himself. The logical consequence of subjectivism is anarchy, but sadly, the real relativist cannot reason about consequences.

I am very concerned, not for myself, but for all of those whose subjectivity will lead them to moral anarchy.

One cannot argue with most relativists as they cannot think. They deny reason. They deny rational discourse.

Pray for these youth when you meet them. Their souls, which, with free will and reason, were made in the image and likeness of God.  They refuse that image and likeness. They are culpable in that they choose lifestyles which follow their subjectivity.

God never gives up on any of us. He pursues us until the last moments of our lives. He is Faithful. But, we have free will.