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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A discovered saint and horned helmets

It is fun to find out about a saint of whom one was not aware in the past. Today, I discovered St. Henry of Cocket. As I am into hermits right now, I thought I would share this.

Here is his life in brief from Catholic Online and Wiki. 

 A Danish hermit who had a hermitage on Cocket, an island off the coast of Northumbria, England. He lived under the director of the monks of Tynemouth. He died in 1127
Henry of Coquet (died 1127) was a Dane who lived in a hermitage on the island of Coquet, off the Northumberlandcoast. He died there in 1127. He is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. There is a stained glass window in the church of St Thomas of Canterbury in Deal, Kent, England, showing an image of 'St Henry the Dane'. He is wearing a horned helmet.[1]    

I like the fact that in the stained glass window he is wearing a helmet. I cannot find a photo of the window, but here is Danish helmet with horns. I am not sure why a hermit would need such armour. 
Maybe the English needed to be reminded that this St. Henry was Danish. Maybe he was an ex-marauder.