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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I forgot I am different....

All of my adult life, I have rarely watched television. I can say that I have never bought a t.v. And, I can say that no one wants to play television trivia games with me as a partner.

I have followed the news on line and in newspapers. If you watch television news, you are getting the owner of the station or the franchise's views only.

I watch movies either by going once a year or playing DVDs on my computer. The sport I did follow was cricket and from 1997 watched it mostly on line. Same with tennis.

I have gone years not watching t.v. and certain series, I have seen on the computer by DVDs. However, I do not follow anything. I have better things to do. When I use to help students with time management problems, t.v.would be the first thing to go.

 We were readers in my family. We did things, like sport, drama, painting, talking about ideas. I simply cannot understand watching hours of television.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I decided to remove our television and replace it with an icon corner in the Orthodox style. So we have two little shelves with an assortment of icons with a vigil lamp burning before them. It is in the only east-facing corner of the house where we could place such a thing and for a long time we vacillated on making a decision since we were attached to the idea of the TV being there although we rarely watched it. One day I realised how offensive this was to God, His Holy Mother and all the saints - that we would give more honour to a TV than the company of heaven. So it was finally kicked out. Thank goodness!