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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

An argument based on observation and experience..

The Church labels, frequently, in liturgical usage and in theology, Original Sin as the Sin of Adam. Not Eve's sin. If Adam had not sinned, we would not have suffered the effects and reality of Original Sin. But, since day one, like Adam, men continue to blame women for their weakness and sins. This is sinful itself and we call this "passing the buck". I am beginning to see an alarming dislike and even hatred of women among some traditional men. I am beginning to wonder if this is one reason why so many of my single trad female friends cannot find trad husbands. I am concerned. This avoidance of female company may be the result of a fear of women, which is not a cause created by women, but men themselves. I am concerned at a subtle suspicion of females as predators on the part of men, which is psychological projection on their part. Men are increasingly incapable of love and sacrfice. Good Catholic women who understand the Church's need for strong leadership in men must stop blaming themselves or other women for weak men. Men are choosing weakness. It is easier to be weak and avoid responsibility than to decide to be strong. Adam blamed Eve. He had all he needed to be strong. He chose weakness.