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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

European vs. American Perspectives on the Preservation of Freedom

Americans, or at least about 52% of them, do not trust in governments. That is why the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written and established. The ideal of each independent thinking American is that people on the ground, the grass-roots groups, know better what to do in their local areas and in a crisis than a bunch of guys in Washington.

This independent mind-set has changed, as the growth of the entitlement generations have voted for bloated government and more and more for far-left agendas. The tide has changed, but not entirely.

That Americans also take into their own hands, or at least some of them, their own destinies, is a strength of character. My own ancestors came and settled in Iowa and Oregon, making a great life for themselves and their descendants, using religious freedoms to set up Catholic schools, including a university, a monastery and two newspapers.

Busy, dedicated, freedom-loving people. Thinking people, who talked about religion and politics around the table and still do.

Some built up their own successful business, still going and handed down to the third and fourth generations.

And the men had and some still do have, guns.

My family is full of hunters and I grew up with bows and arrows and guns. We ate what was shot.

We also kept guns for defence as well as for sport. I learned how to shoot.

Irish, English and Maltese are obviously shocked when I mention that guns were and are a way of life in the MidWest.  The men in my family belonged to a gun club.

The European friends of mine cannot understand wanting to be in charge of your own space. They are think like socialists, even the Catholics.

What shocks me is their blind trust in their governments, and worse, the feeling of impotency, that they cannot do anything about change or that they do not need or cannot defend themselves.

What happened in Europe and in England, a land of fierce freedom loving peoples, the Anglo-Saxons?

One cannot have freedoms in complacency. The ballot box is the first line of defence and offence.

But, so many of my friends are apolitical.

If they do not take politics seriously, and if they do not get involved, those freedoms which they do have will disappear.

What happened in Malta, the great land of the Holy Order of St. John, the Knights of Malta? The strong blood has been diluted. Of course, most of them were celibate, or supposed to be. Maybe the gene pool did not get the benefit of Valletta or  Wignacourt.

Why do Catholics, sitting on the edge of persecution, trust their governments? What happened? Did all the brave ones leave and go to America? Did all the fighters die without issue?

It is interesting that one group of the Sons of the American Revolution use the Maltese Cross as part of their logo. This is not an accident. The history of religious freedom has been connected with defence for centuries.

I am not an advocate of war, no Christian is. But, defence is not only a duty, but legal and necessary.

We all love LOTR. We do not get squeamish when Aragorn fights, or when Gandalf defends Gondor. So, why are men and women in Europe scared or back away from defensive discussions?

Americans worst war experience was the Civil War. Brother fought against brother for real reasons of freedom and for different world views.

The possibility of a another civil war has been discussed on this blog since the beginning of last year. Why? We will not be pushed into slavery. And, folks, socialism and communism are slavery.

War is horrible. People, including women and children, die. But, has the West lost the will to die bravely, which is also the will to live bravely?