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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Yesterday, I wrote to a young friend, ending our chat with "Be good". He wrote back "Be". How profound, how simple, how true.

God created each one of us to be and do things no one else in the world has ever been or done.

One can hardly fathom the uniqueness of each created person. One reason one can believe in a God is merely the fantastic uniqueness of each person. Only a Creative Genius, a God could create such beautiful individuality.

We have our own fingerprints and retinas. We have names given to us in baptism, which belong to us, like a badge of honour we need to earn.


Be in God.

Mary understood what it meant to be and being for her is complete uniqueness; the Immaculate Conception.

Pray to Mary to be healed of anything which stands in the way of you being you.

The fullness of one's being is found only in Christ. Only. If you give yourself to God, you will finally find yourself. Be. Be the son or daughter God created you to be. Start with baptism, when you are made an heir of heaven and son or daughter of God.

Being means becoming like the Father, through Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Such a magnificent thought can hardly be imagined.