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Monday, 7 January 2013

On eating out and noise........

Because of the call to blog, I have been forced into a huge cultural change. For months, I ate alone in the monastery, as part of my discernment process. Can you imagine eating in silence (and enjoying every minute of it) and then sitting in a wifi cafe with 140 people, heavy metal, and televisions all going at the same time?

The main problem with the pursuit of perfection in the world is NOISE.

Satan has created this atmosphere of constant noise. One must be silent in order to hear God. One must be able to reflect on each activity of the day and night.

St. Julian's where I am staying is life a rough Los Vegas. It is the party place of Malta. Every type of club one can imagine may be found here. I am a bit ill and had to walk to the chemists. I passed clubs with advertising too raw for this blog. The area reminds me of The Party in HGG.

A cocktail party – of a rather more airborne, long-lasting and aggressive nature than usual – hovering above an unnamed planet and with drunken revellers from all corners of the universe. These included up to the fourth-generation descendants of the original invited guests, visiting beings including Thor the Thunder God, Trillian and the playwright who had won a Rory award (in fact the Silver Bail), and – when they arrived on their mission to save all of creation from the Krikkit Robots – Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect and Slartibartfast. The unnamed world is described as having been ravaged by the party (cheese and wine raids, etc.) and so reduced to abject poverty; eventually, after the Krikkit Robots have been, it is strongly suggested that the party crashed into it--thanks Wiki..

This is not the genteel part of  Malta and "We are the crazy people" rule here. Now, every vacation island and every watering hole have unmentionable clubs. But, I am thinking of souls. Eternity is a very long time, to paraphrase a famous author. Walking through St. Julian's is life seeing the edges of hell opening up for customers. Like the Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe, the advertisements reveal the ever-changing need for novelty and excitement. By the way, for my seminarian friends, did you remember that Guildford is where Ford Prefect  claimed to be from, as opposed to Betelgeuse, his home. But, I digress.

I am concerned about the youth who have never known quiet.  I am concerned about parents who cannot see that the noise kills the soul and the ability to get in touch with the Indwelling of the Holy Trinity.

Remember God is heard in the soft breeze, not in the loud thunderstorm or earthquake.

He waits in the silence for us, this Great God of Love, who is the Ruler of Peace and Order. We know who the god of chaos is....


Anonymous said...

Modern men hate silence because it makes them face the desert within themselves. Better to fill every psychic space with noise (which people often call music these days) than to face the terrible emptiness caused by the absence of a spiritual life. My husband and I have noticed that it is now impossible to find a cafe or restaurant that does not have 'aural sewerage' blasting out from speakers. Modern life becomes more and more unbearable with the passing of time...

Just another mad Catholic said...

In reply to annoymous

There are times when you're feeling so frustrated that a bit of loud music helps to dispel the anger. Contuary to popular opinion amongst trads not all rock/pop music is bad, there is actually some quite good stuff out there if only one is willing to look, as much as I love Mozar, Debussy and Handel there are times when they will not work (they are great for doing coursework).

Another thing to remember is that you are dealing with a generation that quite often has been badly abused by their parents either through divorce and emotional neglect. Since they are indoctrinated with scientism they won't turn to Jesus unless they stumble into the Church as if by accident, therefore they express themselves through music, a little compassion please, I know that Trads generally don't do feelings but honey is better than vinegar unless you're dealing with the ringleaders of dissent.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mad Catholic but if one needs to "dispel the anger" perhaps a public eating house is not the best place to do it. There used to be a time, not long ago, when one could sit in a cafe and eat, read or converse without having to yell across the din. Public spaces are just that - public - and should therefore take into account that thrash metal or trance are perhaps not to everyone's taste.

I am not sure what 'generation' you think we belong to but I can assure you that both of us was born quite recently. And we are both familiar with the tragedy of family violence and abuse, some of it quite horrific. This does not mean that we need to escape into a wall of noise to escape from ourselves, or alternately feel the need to inflict it on everyone else. I would recommend that you give some thought to what you write next time before accusing a complete stranger of having no feelings.

Just another mad Catholic said...

Dear Anonymous

I wasn't talking about dispelling anger in a public eating house, I was thinking of this morning where I played a few loud, emotional songs to get the frustration out of my system.

As for accusing you of having no feelings; I was speaking from experience about a tendency amongst trads to be very suspicious of feelings; especially in the religious sphere not about you specifically.

Also if you would read my initial comment more carefully I was making an observation not a judgment.

I dislike the majority of noise that masquerades as music as well, now not knowing your circumstances I will assume that you were brought up as a Catholic, I wasn't and listening to certain Bands (REM, U2, Queen, Pink Floyd, Keane ect) helped because I felt that the words spoke to me and it was if the writers understood me; take "Stuck in a Moment" by U2 as an example, it is about someone who is incapable of moving forward and ends with the hope that moving on is possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Catholic,

I did read your comment carefully; let me quote you back to yourself: "Another thing to remember is that YOU are dealing with..." Presumably, by using the personal pronoun 'you', you were referring to the writer of the comment, that is, me. Second, you exhorted the writer of the comment - me - to have a "little compassion please." These two things pointed to the strong possibility that you were addressing the individual who wrote the comment and not just making a general observation. Therefore your protestation to the contrary seems somewhat disingenuous.

Therefore, I shall reiterate what I said: I would recommend that you give some thought to what you write next time. If you do not wish to cause offence, and are making a general observation about the state of things, rather than a personal judgment, you will need to choose your words more carefully.