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Monday, 21 January 2013

Why God Made Snow...

Snow is beautiful.

Snow creates less activity.

Snow makes the world more silent.

Snow changes our expectations.

Snow reminds us of our mortality.

Snow reminds us of Original Sin

Snow reveals the Creativity of God making something cold and wet so essential for growth of plants.

Snow creates poetry and art in the mysterious beauty of the snowflake and icicle.

Snow tells us to stop, listen, reflect and wait.

Snow tells us that we are not in control of nature. God is.

Snow changes our perspective on hills, streets, buildings  the countryside, trees, bushes as we see things with new eyes.

Snow challenges us to be kind to each other and animals who may need our care.

Snow makes us all children again, as we play with our kids, making angels, sledding, throwing snowballs.

Snow appeals to our human need for variety and physical challenges.

Snow....allows us to suffer patiently.