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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

On revisionist history

I write this for my young friends who have never had world history or the history of the West as courses. I write this for all those who have only had revisionist history.

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Revisionist historians hate Western Civilization because it was formed by the Greco-Roman-Judaic-Christian tradition. That so many modern historians hate classical history and prefer to emphasize cultures rather than civilizations has been on reason for the Death of the West.

I am only going to refer to a few points.

One, the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar. Some modern stories, and we all know the names, have continued the mythologies surrounding two orders, one which begun by a saint and the other which was supported by a Doctor of the Church

Yes, and one has been highlighted on this blog already.Here is a short history of the Knights Templar.

A Doctor of the Church is the patron and one of the original supporters of the Knights Templar.

I shall re-reprint in the next post the entire treatise of Bernard.

Two problems of modern revisionist history have poisoned the minds of the young: the first is the misunderstanding about who was actually living in the Middle East and who started the fighting which culminated in the Crusades.

The second problem is that many young people think it is always wrong to fight.

Catholicism is not a religion of pacifism. Pacifism is an option. Catholicism holds that defense is not only allowed but sometimes necessary.

Self-defense, or the defense of nations is not a sin.

I suggest that those who are confused ponder also the life of the founder of the Knights.

Here is the life of Blessed Gerard, who began the Knights of Malta.

and here is my post on him....

I would hope there were some men left in the world who would be Catholic and knightly.

I fear there are very few left..........