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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Part 94: Cyril of Alexandria and Perfection: DoC

There are two Cyrils. I shall start with Cyril of Alexandria. Alexandria must have been a great place to live in the 4th century. Of course, the library had been burned "accidentally" by Julius Caesar several hundred years before, but, hey, what is the loss of millions of rare texts if one can burn a few triremes?

Anyway, Cyril of Alexandria will help us with the road to perfection. And, like Athanasius, his writings are clear and easy to follow.

I begin with a short passage from Christ is One: not only is Christ Perfect in His Sufferings, but we all are called to that perfection through the Cross of Christ.

....the all-wise Paul confirms us hereto having written thus, For it became Him because of Whom all things and through Whom all things, bringing many sons to glory, to perfect through sufferings the Captain of their salvation. For He (they say) in Whom are all things and throughb Whom all things will be none other than the Word Which sprang from forth of God. He therefore perfected through sufferings the captain of our salvation, i. e. him from forth the seed of David.

To be continued...