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Friday, 15 March 2013

Real Love and Blogs

We as Catholics have free will. We have brains. We can read facts and watch videos. We can judge using prudence, temperance, wisdom. We have the duty to not live in pretense or to lie to ourselves or others because it is convenient.

Facts are not opinions.

Logic is the rational discourse without name calling or ad hominem arguments.

I tried to publish on a blog today one entry which was a link to facts and I was not published. I made no comment.

How odd.

Some Catholics have lost the ability to really love. Real love is tough love.

It is not based on sentimentality or on wishful thinking.

If I love someone, I know their faults and failings and love them still.

I never want to love a myth, or a construct of my imagination.

That is some type of infatuation rather than real love.

If someone loves me, I want them to know me, not love an idea of me.

Too many people want only peace and nicities. Some people are afraid of the truth of events and people.

I want to love in truth.

Any other type of loyalty is adolescent and unworthy of a child of God.

We all must love like adults and not like children. Both optimism and pessimism are untruthful.

Reality and love go together.

This blog is dedicated to Truth, and Truth is a Person, Jesus Christ.

I pray to Him for discernment and peace, not for comfort.

To call the Latin Mass simply a perference or an asthetic choice is not to understand what the TLM actually is.

It is an entire way of life-the most beautiful thing God has given us in action and efficacy.

The TLM is not merely one's personal taste for liturgy.

It is much more. It changes one's life and makes one different than one was going to the NO.

It changes families.

It changes parishes.

It changes marriages.

We must not be afraid to question liturgical changes or problems.

Morals are connected to liturgy.

Thinking is connected to liturgy

How I pray is how I live.

There is a qualitative difference in the TLM from the NO.

Both are valid, but there is a difference.

Real love demands that we do not shrink from rationally discussing facts regarding the implementation or not of the Summorum Pontificum.

Ask anyone who is a traditional person from Malta.

Ask anyone, like me, who had lived for years in a diocese which made the TLM almost impossible to attend.

Ask anyone, like me, where the closest TLM for years was five hours away.

Most of my life I have attended the NO.

But, there is a difference. This is not a matter of taste but of grace.

Real love demands that we look at facts and pray for the truth in all things.