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Friday, 15 March 2013

Why the Perfection Series? Again....

I have written this little mission statement before as to why I decided to start the perfection series last year. There will be over 400 posts on this before I finish it, which should be within the next month.

Why perfection?


1) All Christians are called to "be perfect even as your heavenly Father is perfect" by Christ.  Matthew 5:48 is not a suggestion but a command.

We do not have an option to ignore a statement from the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Son of God Himself.

2) Garrigou-Lagrange, to whose book I shall return at the end, traces this call and explains that it is not merely the call of the few mystics but a call for all. This book inspired me several years ago, when I was battling cancer, and it inspires me still. He shows the steps clearly and forms the basis for my earliest posts and the last ones, which are to come.

3) All Catholics need to embrace this road to perfection in order to withstand the wildfire of immorality and the destruction of cultures and even civilizations. An option to not be strong is not available to us. In our weakness, we turn to grace for strength.

4) Our families and communities need out perfection. If we are all moving together towards that goal, which is really to be Christ in the world, we shall help each other, especially our children, in the passing down and evangelizing of the Gospel. Without this pursuit of perfection, all our actions are useless, as these come from us and not from God.

5) Baptism makes us children of God and heirs of heaven. Seeking perfection flows from the graces and gifts of baptism and confirmation. We have what we need if we cooperate.

6) Significantly, all the Doctors of the Church reveal to us how to become perfect. They personally embraced the way and call us through their lives and writings to do the same.

7) Not last, but last today, many priests and nuns have stopped teaching the way of perfection, which was taught in earlier days. This lack of teaching has led to a mediocrity in the Church, and one can see the results of being neither hot, nor cold.

To be continued...

BTW, pray to Mary, Our Mother, the only Creature created perfectly, the Immaculate Conception.